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Nevada Probate Real Estate John Edmunds

2831 St Rose Pkwy #100
Las Vegas Nevada 89052
Probate is a fact of life for many of us. At a difficult turning point in life you need to work with professionals, my probate team can make the real estate part of it much eaiser for you and your loved ones. Of course probate follows Nevada Revised Statutes, here is a link to the Clark County Probate Court. Nevada Probate and more specifically the disposition of real estate under probate is guided by NRS 148, I am certified by MTI Education as a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist, the only probate real estate certification program in Nevada. The following is only a timeline of the probate process. It is best to contact a Realtor during the beginning of the process rather than wait until the end. I can help your through the process, refer a probate attorney, and help with inheritance funding if money is needed in the interim. More detail will be forthcoming, please call me if you have any questions. John Edmunds 702-373-9229.